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Ceiling Painting

Though we never recommend painting an acoustical ceiling (paint ruins the acoustic properties of the tiles by filling in the holes intended to help with sound quality; paint also "bridges" tiles to grid, effectively sticking them in place and if the area above the tile needs to be accessed, the tile must be "unstuck" by either cutting it away from the grid or simply pushing the two apart creating a "sawtooth" look to the paint; paint also causes tiles to curl on the edges creating a bowed look-don't paint ceiling tiles!

Let us coat them instead!) "open concept" ceilings do require fresh paint periodically. Our work includes painting school gymnasiums (Newburgh, NY Central School District), Dick's Clothing and Sporting Goods, and Sears Auto Centers. We also do commercial painting of sheetrock, block, or metal walls/ceilings in mall stores. All work is done "off peak" hours, 100% guaranteed, and we are fully insured!