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Ceiling Coating

Most acoustical ("drop") ceilings can be treated with our patented acrylic resin coating which produces a finished result that is even better than a new factory finish. Our coating lasts longer than factory finished tiles and the cost of coating an existing ceiling is a fraction (approximately 1/5) of the cost of replacement! All work is done during closed or "off peak" hours on the intact ceiling in a fraction of the time of total replacement.

All walls, merchandise, furniture, carpeting, everything except the ceiling to be coated is covered in high density plastic and protected. Lights, sprinkler heads, exit signs, etc. are masked off and the coating is then sprayed on the prepared area. Tiles and grid are all coated to produce a uniform and consistently new and appealing look.

Our Sav-A-Ceiling Acoustical Coating is a water based acrylic resin (please refer to our MSDS sheet on the Specifications Page) that allows us to recycle ceiling tiles rather than clog our landfills. And it's all done with environmentally friendly products, on an intact ceiling (no down time for old ceiling removal!), on "off peak" hours, for a fraction of the cost and time of replacement! And all of our work is 100% guaranteed!